20.04.2024 | Sponsor

A unique Lazer helmet at LBL to raise awareness of helmet use

Liège-Bastogne-Liège will be entirely dedicated to raising awareness of the need to wear a helmet when cycling.

An initiative by helmet brand Lazer, in partnership with the FDJ-SUEZ team. Athletes will draw attention to this initiative with a distinctive and assertive helmet design, where the brain, which is essential to protect, will be clearly visible. All too often, a cycling accident results in brain damage that could be avoided by wearing a helmet or being more visible in traffic.

Go cycling. Wear a helmet.

The helmet brand Lazer knows the importance of a bicycle helmet better than anyone. However, it’s still not easy to wear a helmet, despite the fact that helmets have been proven to reduce head injuries. The protective benefits of helmets are indisputable.

So why the reluctance when the safety benefit is so obviously crucial? There’s no shortage of excuses.

This partnership provides an opportunity to draw attention to this issue at a major race. However, wearing a helmet is important not only when cycling professionally. We hope this message goes beyond professional cycling and reaches all the relevant target groups who need to hear it.

“As the slogan suggests, for us at Lazer, it doesn’t matter what brand the helmet is, as long as they’re wearing ONE helmet.”

Peter Duynslaeger – PDG of Lazer

“The safety of our riders is our absolute priority. Every time they get on their bikes, we want them to be equipped to face not only the competition, but also the risks of the road. Wearing a helmet isn’t just a rule, it’s a commitment to their well-being and a respect for the sport itself.”

Stephen Delcourt – MG Team FDJ-SUEZ

Based on real-life experience.

The campaign, entitled “USE YOUR HEAD”, gives the floor to people who know from experience just how important it is to wear a helmet. From the doctors who are in daily contact with cyclists who have been involved in accidents, to the professional riders concerned and more.

Read the full story on useyourhead.cc.