24.10.2023 | Official statement

2023 : a record year !

Stephen Delcourt (General Manager) looks back on this 18th season of the FDJ SUEZ team which will remain etched in our memories as an exceptional period, marked by success, courage, and foolproof solidarity.

With a historic record of 20 wins, 3 more than the previous year, our team has once again demonstrated its determination and exceptional talent. We have surpassed ourselves and pushed our limits to reach new heights. These repeated successes propelled us to 5th place in the world ranking, confirming our place among the elites and highlighting the strength of our collective.

Since 2022, we have been able to maintain ourselves in the world top 5, a performance all the more remarkable after an already exceptional 2022 season. This is a testament to our consistency, commitment and passion for the sport that drives us.

This year, we were keen to shine on the three great tours (Vuelta, Giro, and Tour de France). If we are proud of our place in the top 10, we do not hide our ambition to aim even higher. We have identified the moments when our collective strength has faltered and are already looking to the future, determined and motivated to rectify the situation next season.

The pride of this season also lies in the renewed and increased confidence of our partners, demonstrating the solidity of our project and our vision. With more than 35 employees on board, our structure has never been stronger, and our technical and administrative team is more committed than ever to supporting our athletes.

Our commitment goes beyond competition. FDJ SUEZ has strengthened its ties with its territories, actively engaging with young people and the most disadvantaged. More than 100 days of competitions and 275 days of travel later, we can say that FDJ SUEZ reached a new milestone in 2023.

Stephen Delcourt – General manager

The road is still long and full of challenges, but we do not intend to stop there. Our passion is stronger than ever, and the future looks bright for FDJ SUEZ.